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Now this? But everything was already going so horribly.
An island rises from beneath the waves, dotted with shipwrecks like a broken forest. There's a gold rush to retrieve the treasure.
A weary traveler rests with the party briefly. The traveller is rash and unkind, but the party's behavior towards them may reveal the traveler's godlike power.
The very old begin to disappear. In their wake, only a symbol is left behind.
A creeping illness begins to effect the party. It has varying horrible effects and the only cure is rumored to be found out in the broken hinterlands.
For one brief and horrifying day everyone can see the spirits of the dead.
A man in white robes rises to fame in the kingdom. He claims to be capable of transforming faith into wealth. His mass of followers is growing.
The King is murdered by his young tyrant son. Only you witnessed the killing.
A bedraggled mage with fearful eyes is pitched forth from a portal directly in front of you. They claim to have known you for years and beseech your aid.
A black disc with no discernible features appears above your city. It appears to be as wide as the city itself. It lowers just a little each day.
The sky turns red and the air smells of charcoal. The whole world looks as if it might ignite.
The sky cracks open and black acid rain pours down. Anything outside is left suffering or dead.
Powerful mages around the world begin losing their powers. Mana is draining from the land.
A group of assassins begins stalking the party, attempting to isolate them and take them out one-by-one.
A great thunderstorm rolls in one night, and never leaves.
You begin to notice the same black spider crawling over every corpse you discover... or create.
A giant invulnerable beast appears in the middle of the city, sitting in quiet meditation.
Every member of your party begins having the same dream every night.
Prison walls collapse. The inmates are freed: gangs of the criminally insane and abusers of heretical magic.
A terrific cracking and roaring sound emerges from the forest. A 10 foot wide trail is found carved into the earth.
A party member’s father sends a note of sickening distress. The seal is authentic but the handwriting seems counterfeit.